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A collection of mockups from Gecko Robotics' website
Mockup of Heatspring website in a Macbook pro
Mockup of Silo AI website in a Macbook pro
Mockup of an agency home page concept
Mockup of Pethotel website in a Macbook pro
A collection of mockups from Gecko Robotics' website
Mockup of Heatspring website in a Macbook pro
Mockup of Silo AI website in a Macbook pro
Mockup of an agency home page concept
Mockup of Pethotel website in a Macbook pro

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Digital Design

Bold, subtle, timeless, off-the-wall - we’ll bring your wildest (or tamest) visions to life.

Modern & Clean

We pride ourselves on designs that look stunning and are simple to navigate.

Modular design

We help you help yourself with designs that are easy to understand and repeat for new pages.


We prefer to roll up our sleeves alongside you and become part of the team (we’re super fun to work with, promise).

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Webflow development

Whether you need a page tune up or a full site refresh, you deserve a strong foundation that supports your future growth.


Your website should grow and change as your business does. We focus on a build that will scale with your future growth.


"Slow and steady wins the race" shouldn’t refer to your website. We'll provide you with a site that’s speedy, secure, and solid.

100% yours

A badass website is just the beginning - we’ll also give you the necessary coaching and training so you can be as badass as your website is.

And much more

Contact us with your deepest desires (or just your project needs) and we’ll tell you all about our service smorgasbord.

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Technical SEO
Webflow training
Webflow Support
Website audits
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Félix Meens profile picture

Hey there,

I’m Félix Meens, founder of Webflix Studio. After spending more than 5 years in design and development across multiple tech companies, I founded this studio to do one thing: create astounding Webflow websites for badass marketing teams.

I am the lead designer and developer at Webflix, as well as the main point of contact on every project. When necessary, I bring in talented freelancers to solve your project needs. Our studio gives you the flexibility of working with a freelancer - rapid response times, personal communication, full focus - and combines that with agency-quality work. So you really get the best of both worlds.

My goal is that you feel that working with me is like working with a great colleague. You know, that person who knows the ropes, likes to have fun but also gets shit done at the same time. If that sounds good to you, I think we’d be a great fit.

- Félix Meens, founder of Webflix Studio


What our clients say about us

"From the initial contact to the website launch, working with Félix on the rebranding of Resistomap's website was a seamless and highly professional experience.

The project not only met but exceeded our expectations, showcasing Félix’s exceptional design skills and making him an invaluable asset for any web project."

Mattias Szczesny

Marketing coordinator, Resistomap

"Working with Félix was a dream. His transparent style of communication and forward thinking meant we could quickly identify any potential pitfalls and come to the best solution together.

He was essential in getting our new website delivered with the level of visual polish and technical performance that we achieved."

Liz Osterloh

Head of Marketing, Decentriq

Profile picture of Harshita, Product Marketing at Pento

"Félix's proactive communication style, quality of deliverables, and deep understanding of web design have been a huge bonus to the renewal of our website.

I would 100% recommend Félix to any companies who are looking to take their website to the next level, both in terms of a modern design update to a clean Webflow backend."

Harshita Kumbhar

Product Marketing, Pento

Profile picture of Anibal Santos, Lead designer at Valo Motion

"Félix is a true professional in his own right. His ability to combine three different roles to deliver excellent service is rare to come across in this industry.

Not only did he offer his development and design expertise, but he also brought in his consultant perspective that allowed us to enhance our project on many fronts."

Anibal Santos

Lead designer, Valo Motion

Profile picture of Matthias

"Félix showed incredible flexibility and dedication throughout the project, adapting to changing priorities and deadlines like a true professional.

Working with him was a pleasure and I'm thrilled with the end result. I would wholeheartedly recommend Félix to anyone looking for a top-notch web designer and developer."

Mathias Lehtinen

Marketing Lead, Silo AI

Profile picture of Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO of Vividworks.

"I’m really happy with the end result! The site looks great and Félix’s work-style suited us well.

I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any SaaS company looking to create a new website on Webflow!"

Jarkko Leppälahti

CEO, VividWorks

Portrait of Miko

"It has been a delight working with such a skilled and enthusiastic designer.  

His drive to understand the customer and bring their story to life in a visual way really helped push the project way beyond expectations."

Miko Eklöf

Founder, Jäsentäjä

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