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Your freelance web design and Webflow partner - based in Finland

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Webflow Partner

I design beautiful websites and brand identities that tell your story and delight your visitors.

People base 75% of their judgment of a website purely on its aesthetics, and it takes only a few seconds to form that opinion. You owe it to your business to ensure that opinion is as positive as possible.


100% custom design

Best in class UX


Proven step by step process


Great on all devices

Easy to manage and update

Clean and readable code

SEO and speed optimized

I build websites exclusively on Webflow, which are fast, responsive, and scalable.

58% of web traffic happens on mobile, and nearly 40% of people leave a website after just 3 seconds of delay. Your growth depends on providing fast-loading pages that work well on any device your audience uses.

My mission is to help your business grow with a website that is beautiful, easy to use, and conversion-minded, with zero added stress to your team. Whether it’s creating a new site from scratch, migrating from Wordpress to Webflow, or updating an underperforming site, I will do the job right with a friendly approach.

Building a website is easy. Creating a beautiful, brand-accurate website that drives business is not. I’d love to help you bring your dream website to life!


Félix is a true professional in his own right. His ability to combine three different roles to deliver excellent service is rare to come across in this industry.

Not only did he offer his development and design expertise, but he also brought in his consultant perspective that allowed us to enhance our project on many fronts.

Profile picture of Anibal Santos, Lead designer at Valo Motion

Anibal Santos

Lead designer, Valo Motion

It has been a delight working with such a skilled and enthusiastic designer.  His drive to understand the customer and bring their story to life in a visual way really helped push the project way beyond expectations.

Portrait of Miko

Miko Eklöf

Founder, Jäsentäjä

I’m  really happy with the end result! The site looks great and Félix’s work-style suited us well.

I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any SaaS company looking to create a new website on Webflow!

Profile picture of Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO of Vividworks.

Jarkko Leppälahti

CEO, VividWorks

I regularly invite Félix as a speaker because of his deep expertise in design. My students particularly appreciate his ability to simplify advanced design theories into actionable insights.

Félix is approachable and competent, making it pleasant to work with.

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Kevin Fuchs


I take only a few projects at a time to make sure I deliver my best work. Let’s chat and see if we’re a great fit!  


Let's level up your website, together

You can reach me anytime via hi@webflixstudio.com, or simply fill out the contact form. I usually respond within 2 business days.

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Where are you based?

I currently live in Espoo, Finland but I work internationally. I speak both English and French fluently.

We’re looking for a freelancer to really get involved with our team - does this fit your style?

Definitely! I love working closely with everyone involved in the project. I take only a few projects at a time to make sure I bring my full attention to each.

Can you migrate my Wordpress site to Webflow?

Yes! If you have a Wordpress website that you want to migrate to Webflow (which I recommend), I can help you.

Can you help my business create a brand identity?

I’m happy to help you with your identity design, as well as build a website that truly reflects your brand.

Do you do SEO?

I do technical SEO and follow best practices on your website, but if you want a continuous SEO strategy after the website is launched, you should talk to an SEO marketing expert.

Do you only work with tech companies?

With my background in product design and personal style, I feel right at home working with tech companies. However, I am open to branching out and working in different fields. Let's connect and see if we're a good fit!

Why do you only use Webflow to build websites?

Webflow allows me to build complex and fully custom websites with visual code, giving me full control over the designs while also providing my clients with a user-friendly content management system. I wrote an article going more in depth, read why I love Webflow!

I already have the designs, can you build the website?

Absolutely. If you already have the design and content I can take them from Figma to Webflow.

I only need help with design, can you help me?

If you don't want to build your website on Webflow or already work with developers, I'm happy to focus on the design phase and collaborate with them during the build.

Can I update my website on my own?

After I deliver the website, you and your team can easily make changes on your own with the Webflow editor and powerful CMS. I will provide training and tutorials at the end of the project.