HeatSpring provides courses in renewable energy. Their innovative side was hidden behind their 6-year-old website - here’s how we fixed that!

Before and after picture of the HeatSpring home page


HeatSpring was undergoing some technical migrations, which provided a good opportunity to do a brand refresh. The last refresh was done 6 years ago, and it showed in the layout and design. The new visual direction brings the HeatSpring website into the modern age, with a clean site structure, well-defined visual direction, and a focus on converting the right visitors.

Our goal was to create a trustworthy marketing website in order to convert more customers, while representing better the company values.

The new logo
The primary colors for the new brand identity
The color spectrum of the new primary color
The new typography


The new brand identity was developed after an extensive brand workshop with the team to make sure the design aligned with the company vision, mission, and values.

The new brand colors are a combination of dark green and teal, with a shock of electricity amongst the bright lime colors. HeatSpring wanted to stand out from the competition, avoid being cliche, and show their innovative side, which we achieved with the new design.

Once HeatSpring was delighted with the new visual direction, I provided the team with a style guide which I then took as a base to redesign their website. While working on the website, I extracted key components and built a library for the team to use, to make sure any new development would follow the new visual direction.

This ensures that when the HeatSpring team wants to make changes, it’s as painless as possible, and they can be confident that their new edits will stay true to their incredible brand.

A closer look of the hero section of the new home page